Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boy Meets Girl

Music brings hearts together. This is exactly what happened in the summer of 2004, during the practices for the Inter House Western music competition in Somerville School, Noida.

Aman Kapoor and Natasha Puri, guitarist and singer respectively, found each other in this musical situation. They had known each other as casual acquaintances much before the year in reference, through these very annual music competitions. However, this year would change everything.

In her tenth standard, board year, Natasha used to attend tuitions in the sector where Aman lived. A compulsive wanderer, Aman would be out of his house at around six every evening. And six, is what Natasha would wait for. This was the time when the first connection was made, atleast for Natasha, as the tall strapping lad, had no idea that she was beginning to develop feelings for him.

Parks, were their favourite hangouts at that point. “The first time we sat together in the M-Block park in sector-25, I remember I had waited for aman to come out of his house for nearly 15 minutes after my tuition got over. Wow! He was so amazing to talk to, not to mention he was the hottee of our school (wink wink)…I was so excited! I still can’t believe that after all that, I managed to score a 90% in my boards!”

Then finally, they met somewhere, which was neither school, nor a park. They went to watch the movie ‘Dhoom’. This was a landmark meeting between the two. While Natasha was confused whether it was meant to be a date or not (with much help from a certain guy friend), Aman was clear that it was just an outing with a friend. The kind of person she is, she couldn’t hold it in. she had to tell him how she felt! So she did. That too in a dramatic way. Modern technology, with the advantage of communicating without verbally communicating. Natasha sent Aman a message which said, “I don’t know whether this is appropriate or not but I like you.” The deed was done. The best part was that Aman was sitting right next to her! Yes! She sent the message while watching the movie! “Quite a wacko she is”, admits Aman (I am sure you do). “I was so nervous! But I knew I had to tell him..i have a very strong desire to express myself when it comes to these matters. Anyway, what followed was, well, relieving but also slightly disappointing. I guess as a response to my message, Aman offered me popcorn! I didn’t know what to do! Laugh or cry out of embarrassment!” recalls Natasha. Well, what followed was an awkward ending to what could have been a friendly outing.

After that evening, things became normal. The matter wasn’t discussed so the scene was quite peaceful. Natasha was happy. But the near future looked dim. Her heart was to be broken twice on the same day.

On September 18, the Inter House Music Competition was held. Her first solo, to which Aman strummed the guitar, was called, ‘To love you more’, a surprisingly apt title for the state of mind she was in. Alas, even though the emotion was there, the voice wasn’t ready. Out of the four girls competing, Natasha stood fourth. If you think that’s bad enough, the day wasn’t over. Hoping to find some solace in the company of the school’s Prince Charming, she met Aman in a park in sector 25 that evening. The forbidden topic was brought up again, by Natasha (Man! She is a wacko!). And thus happened the second heartbreak. “I don’t think I am ready for a relationship.” That’s what he said. “You don’t know what you are missing…” pat came the reply (read wacko).

That meeting was a landmark in their relationship for another reason. It was the first time Aman (now Amen) met Natasha’s (by that time Nutsy’s) mom. It was the first time Aman; an aspiring Armyman at that time, experienced an encounter. Perhaps that’s why he changed his mind and got ready for the relationship..who knows.
Well, seasons changed, Aman grew taller, Nutsy grew…, well, Nutsy grew, till they could grow no more! The rest as they say, is history. Or in this case, Chemistry ;-)

(For a part II click here: An Ode to Ordinary Love)


Suyash Pratap Singh said...

intriguing tale of love...i am looking forward to a part II...??

Shruti said...

U know.. in all these i read this today !! :P Nice !