Sunday, September 26, 2010

Asunder, the mighty oak blunder

Words are my currency
So this poem is loaded
Read it carefully
Only if you can afford it.

Silently swallow
That lump in your throat
At the memory of that
Which only you know

Break the fall of the mighty oak
Wake up now and tell me what you really broke
Find the answer in the smoke
Of the broken mighty oak

Catch the ball of yarn
And spin yourself a fine song
The kind that would make you strong
What is right, prove it wrong

In your little cocoon
Build yourself a fake baboon
Revolve around the silver moon
Wear a medallion in the shape of a balloon

Burst that bubble
And watch in wonder
As the pieces fall asunder
Is there time for one last blunder?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When all you want is freedom

I don't get a goodbye, neither should you
I will not be missed, nether would you
Forever I shall die
Forever I shall breathe life 
Into what becomes the life of you

Die, die once again and some more
And miss all that you once owned
In the sea we both go
And the waves recede

Never will I remember those kisses
Ever will I forget what he misses
In the sea of tomorrow
We shall both be

Tied to the floor of the ocean
Riding on the high of the love potion
Night will turn to sunlight
Fight it, if you must

Get ahead and drown forever
Into that sea or an open sewer
See what blinds your eyes to the reason
Behind the Truth of what is never to be seen

So own and own up good
And fight like you never would
Lose and gain that tropical mist of day
And find the sense and the logic

Find what you want
Fight for it
And come back again
Be alive for it

Signs are everywhere
See what you must
Dare. Dine with the One
Who lights your day
And night.

Love and life
Scream and shout
Fright, and run as fast as you like

Go over the sea of forever
Fly over it
And lie in the dungeon of darkness
Waiting for an answer

It won't come
Or maybe it will
You are blinded by the mystery
Of your own history

Night and day
Oceans and fray
Lights your way
Neither looks away

Stare into the sun
See what you've become
Tied and bound
Freedom is what you seek

Into the sea of darkness
Together we venture alone
To find which is known
And Unknown again
When all you want is freedom
In this shackled kingdom.