Saturday, October 30, 2010

Staging a coup

In this moments of complete lack of worry, I am now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Not a minute late nor a second early, in my little bubble of sorrow, or laughter I swim. Fully submerged in the wonderfulness of this coruscating brightness. There is nothing sweeter than the sweetness of this peace that I experience in the waters of now.

Blue is the colour, the touch of velvet and the sound is like the sudden black out of the senses. 

Amidst the Musings of Others

I sit in my verandah, close yet distant to the musings and happenings of the world and wonder, as I do most of the time about nothing in particular, I feel comfortably alone. While something within me makes me want to yell out and demand attention, another part of me takes in the fullness of this moment of solitude. I wonder how much I will be missed and whether the absence of my being leaves a void in this world of constantly moving diverse dynamism. Perhaps not. 

But does this self-indulgent side of me truly want to be missed? Yes, it's very nature is that: greed. I give into it easily. I pity my ability to feel sorry for myself.

And yet the sounds of this known street comfort me in that very strange and lovable way. Though alone at this moment, I am bound by the love of this street. Never totally free.

I wonder why I have nothing to say, yet so much to write. Is this a defect in my personality or a boon of a past life? Perhaps in the smoke an answer will emerge, magically. I think I forget how close I am to it. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Carrot and Stick

It is a choice
Or maybe the lack of one
That makes the truth bitter
And time stops for none