Monday, December 27, 2010

Floating Slippers

We may have come to meet today
But we had been tied together
Many days ago till our toes
Parted to find another way.

The Longest Night

Silently I wait, like a guardian of the night
While you thread your words with others,
Not even as much as a glance at I
Who waits, like an empty vessel in the rain.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stop and Stare

Flowing like an agile river
The smooth side of rashness
Never say you know
For knowledge by nature
Is infinite

So swing back and forth
Back to then and run to now
For eternity is
                       Running out
                                         My friend.

All I can be

Visions of all I am
All I can be
All that I have chosen to be
Like a ripple in the sea
Limitations of me I have perceived
What it would be like to just Be.

All that is contained in me
I am unable to see.
To be, is the freedom I seek.

The waters that reach the shore
Yearn to go beyond
One push, and another and a third one
And it can see what lies beyond the horizon.

Forever, the valley of my dreams
Nurture and stay green
Grow ever more
Give and give some more.

Not My Own

I am not thinking what others have not
Thought before

I am not fighting what others have not
Fought before

The battle fought can be lost to death

But finally ends at the very beginning.


Silently talking
On mysterious lanes walking
Discovery begins


A leaf sneakily falling to the ground
A celebratory poetry of sound
Playful excellence blending
Into a crescendo, then melting.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

In Between

In a battle between the past and the future, who would win?
Between what will be and what has been?
Barter the past or erase it completely,
And dare to dream a future without it.

Wash your hands off what has been
And swim in the waters of what is to follow.
Cut the umbilical cord,
If you think it ensures no sorrow.

Cleverly impatient to see what happens next,
Disconnecting from the pages of the golden text.
But know this, what runs in your veins is yesterday, not tomorrow
It was created in the past,
The wealth which you conveniently borrow.


I clutched the left side of my chest,
Where my heart resides,
To stop it from breaking into pieces.
Time, has a way of holding back,
What you want to leave behind,
Until that very pain pleases.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Force Forever

Father holding daughter’s hand,
An interdependent feeling of growing together,
Tell me, Dad, should we walk or run?
You and I, a force forever.

The child in you,
Now here resides,
In the hole that is in me
And that keeps me alive.

We will grow wiser,
And you will remain,
The same old boy,
In the spaces of my young mind.

Let’s not stop and wait for the others,
We don’t run for them, but we travel together,
Hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart,
Brothers this moment , and friend in another.

We protect and preserve
The forces that bind us
A memory in a photograph
Because that’s all we have.

But we will act, not lose face or suffer,
Sing, dance and pray to be heard
Dad, take my hand, we’ll walk awhile longer
You and I, the force grows stronger.

Friday, December 3, 2010

In the Dead of Night

When hearing the dogs barking is the only sign that you are alive
You know you are doing something wrong
Or something so right.

When my thoughts die down
And my fingers can't find the nerve to type
You know you are a part of something so wrong
Or something so right.

When the chill of the winter
Feels warm inside
You know you are amidst the wrong
Or playing your cards right

When the night becomes a friend
And you become a stranger to yourself
Then it all seems so wrong
But it feels right

When you are in the space
That is undefined
Then what is wrong
And what is right?