Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I can be

Visions of all I am
All I can be
All that I have chosen to be
Like a ripple in the sea
Limitations of me I have perceived
What it would be like to just Be.

All that is contained in me
I am unable to see.
To be, is the freedom I seek.

The waters that reach the shore
Yearn to go beyond
One push, and another and a third one
And it can see what lies beyond the horizon.

Forever, the valley of my dreams
Nurture and stay green
Grow ever more
Give and give some more.


Namrata Nayak said...

Hi Natasha... Jst came across ur blog n m in awe with ur creative cauldron... Amazing collection or shld i put it dis way "readers bliss"... Keep it goin grl... Its worth it...

Vagabond-ish said...

Thanks Namrata. Even I really liked your blog! Keep blogging and sending across interesting stuff. Love.