Monday, September 10, 2012

The Joys of Masihood

Someone asked me recently how it felt to be a masi. I answered thus: I feel like a mom, almost.
That’s what it is, I guess. Ma jaise…but not quite. It is like experiencing motherhood through your sister. And how lucky I feel to be able to watch both my sister and niece grow each day. And I see a dad being born too. But me, I have always been a masi – I am convinced. Have we ever lived without this scrumptious little treat, this beautiful little doll, our Janya? How?

Ah, the joys of masihood…watching a baby grow and watching your sister transform into someone you never thought possible. This must be what they call ‘the miracle of birth’, for isn’t it a miracle how one tiny life can change so many people?