Friday, October 12, 2007

Forging thoughts

12.23 a.m.

Forging thoughts

If you knew me, you would know that I often ask myself whether there is any such thing as an ‘independent thought.’ Sure, I mean, we all have our own minds but is their really any thing like ‘originality’. Every thought is inspired from someone else’s thought isn’t it? Am I really capable of making a sound ‘independent’ decision?

I really doubt it. Only very few people are gifted with this ability. Few because they know so much that they can take everything into account and then take a sound, unbiased decision. That’s it. To make an informed choice we must be well aware of all the perspectives, the perspectives behind the perspectives and those behind those perspectives. My pet dog just sighed; I bet he’s glad he isn’t human.

Talk about responsibility.

God is a funny guy. Or girl. But I personally think some seven year old boy, wearing a baseball cap with braces on his teeth and huge black rimmed spectacles holding a half eaten chocolate bar in his hand, is running the world. He was tired of playing videogames, I mean since he won every single time because he had obviously created the damn thing, he decided to throw these little people down on earth, added a layer of oxygen, another one of carbon dioxide and some other gases, and he discovered he’s allergic to all of this and his eyes started watering as a result of which seventy percent of the earth was covered in water. He didn’t know what to do with the overflow so he decided, ‘Eh, what the heck, let’s try freezing it at the top and the bottom of the ball.’ And Voila! The poles were created. Since he’s a boy, he decided that it all must start with a Big Bang, because, well, that’s entertaining.
And so he dropped us here, curiously waiting to see what we would do next. Amusement he wanted, and amusement he got. We were a laugh riot! What he found most amusing was how we fought to ‘rule the world’! But he enjoyed the wars, he really did. He’s a boy after all. And when everyone was happy, and it all got really mushy, he changed the channel, switched to the next planet where everyone was killing each other.

When he got bored, he added another catch in the system, like creating a hole in the ozone layer, and dropping people like Bush in the United States area.

Aaah. But there is something else we must know. God is actually that kids mom. By letting him run the galaxy, she’s just trying to teach him ‘what all not to do when I hand you the world the next time around’.

After all, God needs practical schooling.

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