Saturday, October 13, 2007


Images of a broken home
Finding a cure, but the disease is unknown
Fighting voices in my head
I am and will be, forever alone

Thought I had forgotten
But clearly I haven’t
Like a bee, they sting me
Haunt me, those memories

Who can help me?
Who will rid me of this pain that wont let me go?
I thought I had forgotten,
But clearly I haven’t
And I see it every time I open the door

I had convinced myself that I had moved on
I had forgotten, forgiven, perhaps ignored or withdrawn
What’s the difference really?
The only feeling that remained was nothing
Numbness, those were happy times for me

But now they are back
Those ghosts of the past
They are around me and within me
They hate me or do they love me?
I don’t know, they just wont let go

Can anybody hear me?
That screaming from the depth of my soul
Or is it me and me alone?
Are the voices echoing in my head, as loud and clear as ever?
Or do you just want to wash your hands clean of it?

‘Enough!’, he tells me
Forget, forgive, give up, withdraw again
What’s the difference anyway?
Besides, it’s really easier this way
You fool, you were hurt for so long and you still feel the pain?
You really haven’t learnt the rules of this game

Become numb, it’s the only way you’ll
‘Live’, an overrated word that is,
Not something you’ll truly miss
The pain is a part of you now
It’ll never go away.
However hard you wish, you hope, you pray

So, make friends with it, don’t try to ignore it
And ask yourself everyday,
When did my life end?And when did I let pain take over.

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