Friday, April 24, 2015

Letters to My Niece #1

April 23, 2015 

Dear Niece, 

I'm writing to you today to tell you that you are growing up way too fast. I want to know, what's the hurry?

I know the world of grown ups probably seems very exciting and interesting to you - they can communicate easily, can poop all on their own (potty training is not a worry) and seem to have the world at their finger tips. You now pretend to talk on the phone, pretend I'm your 'beta', 'betoo', and you my 'mama'. You tell me 'main working kar rahi hoon, na,' so that I don't 'disturb' you. It's unbelievably adorable but also a bit worrying. Will I lose my 'mama' to this big, bad, crazy world someday? I'm not ready, mama!

So please, slow down. Be two a little longer, my little one. Let us feel our hearts pound at your giggles and melt at your silly games. Please, just stay this way.

Having said that, the lesson for today's letter is – change. It sucks, little one, but the sooner you start embracing it, the easier life will be. Change is awful, inconvenient, overwhelming, scary. It's terrible. But only for a little while. Then things get easier. You know what's unnerving though? Change happens again and again. The only way to live happily is to become friends with it ... To surrender to it ... To change a little bit of yourself with it. 
So, my banana, it sucks, but I love to see you change. And as much as I want to hold on to you right now – playing your 'horsie' games with me – I honestly can't wait to see you grow up into the thousand versions of you, you can be. 

But just do this one thing ... Don't ever change. 

Your Crazy Masi

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