Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letters to My Niece #2

April 28, 2015

Dear Niece,

You know how much we enjoy your free-spirited dance performances, right? Well, today's letter is about dance, and the songs we choose to groove to. 

So the other day, we were in the car together. You occupied the space between me and the dashboard in the passenger seat, while Masu drove. You turned up the radio when you heard a song you liked, (you do know you are only two years old?) and we couldn't stop laughing as you jiggled your bum and started turning both hands as if changing imaginary bulbs. Here I'd like to confirm your Punju-ness, just for the record. The lack of space didn't bother you much – hear a good beat, must dance. 

My darling niece, my concern is the Yo Yo Honey Singh beat you can't help moving to. Beta, the lyrics, they are despicable! But you are Punjabi, and all our shoulders are under the hypnotic control of YoYoNess, so I guess I don't blame you. Just try to avoid listening to the words for as long as you can ... 

I love your spirit, little one. Your determination to filter out the noise and listen to what matters. As you grow older, practice this. Focus on your song and dance to your music and you will be unstoppable.

Your mother is a dancer. She can't help but dance. And when you see her dance, you feel free, energized, like nothing in the world matters. We all go looking for this in different places, this feeling. One day – it is inevitable – you will find that you don't have to look anywhere, this carefree happiness begins at the twirl of your fingertips, your ever-so-graceful fingertips. Don't forget this, monkey. Be like your mother and dance like no one's watching. You don't need to care about what others think.

Of course, there's the song. Choose the rhythm that feels right to you. This rhythm will be unique to you and no one else. And it will make you soar ... You're lucky to have that choice, practice it wisely. 

So don't listen to me when I tell you not to dance to a Yo Yo Honey Singh song. Pick a song that belongs to you. Or better yet, write your own. For you are one of the warrior women, and you only dance to your own tunes.  

Your Admirer

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