Sunday, May 10, 2015

Letters To My Niece #3

May 10, 2015

Dear Niece,

I did something stupid today and I'd like to explain why I think it was a stupid thing to do. Now, you may think it's a small, tiny mistake really, but in the larger scheme of things, what I did today could be disastrous for us both. Got your attention? Good.

I made yet another useless attempt to get you to shower your affection on me and I said something I shouldn't have. I believe I may have tried to bribe you to give me kiss? Something like, "looks like Janya doesn't want any gifts from masi," she recalls in shame.

Today's lesson is to not confuse love with gifts. What a silly thought, but in the grown up world, this happens more often than you think. You start counting the presents you got on your birthday instead of all your friends who took the time to wish you. You start counting the louder expressions of love, and lose count of those softer blessings that are uttered for you.

Take the time to be grateful for wishes said and those left unsaid.

It's easy to confuse these things with feelings. Mixed messages from silly aunts don't help, but I do hope you are always able to see the invisible hugs and kisses and prayers that come your way ... These will be many many more than all the 'things' you will ever receive. Countless, innumerable, endless! Like you would say right now – Wooooow!

Having said that, come August, you're getting a car on your third birthday and that's because masi is the best.

Your Confused Masi

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