Thursday, June 4, 2015

#10CreativeDays: Day #3

Theme: BANK

Bella Puri

Be a Tortoise

The  tiny seed struggles to sprout against all odds, the little fledgling leaves its nest to brave possible failure of flight.
The slow tortoise with a load on its back challenges the sprightly hare to a race. They bank on themselves to win…

Natasha Puri


An outburst, a breakdown,
Unsolicited debits from my account
A heartbreak, an angry shout,
A cash withdrawal at every pout

Here's a game that two can play,
One of these days, I'll make you pay
I'll go shopping to the Lover's Mall,
Your tiny betrayals, I don't have change that small

A smile here, a laugh there
That balance sheet looks highly unfair
I wonder, every time my heart goes ka-ching
Why are you so into emotional banking?

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