Thursday, March 13, 2014

Twenty-five Lessons - One for each Year

I know this is a bit late in the day, but I have spent many-a-day mulling over the wisdomness that I have gained, now that I am all of twenty-five. Yes, I have grown pretty wise over the years.

So here it goes ... Twenty-five lessons, one for each year.

1. Todo Para La Familia (Everything for the family)

2. Keep your innocence alive for as long as you can. It sets you free, give happiness and keeps things simple.

3. Know your nature and be true to it. It is NOT a cliche.

4. Be open to people and experiences.

5. Being afraid, is the only thing that can come in the way of your growth and happiness.

6. Give it time. Nothing ever happens before it's time.

7. Teenagers are dumb. I wish I could tell my teenage self not to take life and myself so seriously.

8. It is NEVER as bad as you think. And it is only when things get tough that you know what you are  made of.

9. Have a sense of humour and don't take anything too seriously.

10. Nothing is permanent. Especially unhappiness. It is not permanent at all.

11. Have a selective memory. Forget what you don't need to remember, like heartbreak or loss. Hold on       tight to wonderful memories, like a final moment with a loved one.

12. Click photographs. Drown yourself in happy memories.

13. The power of love exists and it can move mountains.

14. Love for love's sake is the best kind of love.

15. Loving selflessly is greatly empowering.

16. Happiness cannot be given.

17. Sibling love is the purest form of love there can be. And for that, everyone should have two kids.

18. Forgive. There is nothing in the world important enough to hold on to.

19. Have faith. Even if you don't, know that there is always a reason.

20. Be grateful. Be considerate.

21. Don't let anyone make you cry.

22. Cry. Cry your heart out. Be a drama queen. Get it out of your system and then bounce back. Fight.

23. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, and everything will be surprising clearer.

24. Take time out to have a vision for yourself and your future.

25. You may believe you are chained, but you are always free and there is ALWAYS a way.

Can you imagine the levels of wisdomness five years from now? I'll be like God, like. Like oh my god.

*You can quote me on these, these are 100 per cent original (they only sound cliched). Copyright of Natasha Puri Kapoor.


Anonymous said...

True words darlin troooooo words!

Natasha said...

Hi Natasha! Gosh, it sounds strange to call someone else by your name :)I cannot but totally agree with your wise words. keep writing!

natasha puri said...

Hi Natasha (that is weird!). Thanks for checking out my blog and writing in :)