Monday, March 10, 2014

Queen: A Review

A movie that stays with you.

I happened to watch 'Queen' this International Women's Day, and I'm glad I did. I loved it from the get-go.

I don't want to give much or any of it away, because 'Queen' is such a fabulous experience to be had, but some context must be set...

This is story of a West Delhi girl, Rani. A day before her wedding, the bridegroom calls it off, even as Rani says, 'Aap joke kar rahe ho na?' and her stubby younger brother peers threateningly at 'Vijay' through the coffee shop window. What follows is Rani's trip to her honeymoon - alone - and a wonderfully warm journey to finding herself.

That's it, I'm not saying anything else.

Each dialogue, every scene, is an experience in itself. Kangana has played Rani so well, that there is a fondness you feel for her - and other than the first 10-15 minutes of the film, never again do you feel sorry for 'bechari' Rani.

The most defining scene for me is the one where Rani is caught in a broil with a thug in the streets of Paris. This scary-looking guy is trying to snatch her bag, but the fiesty 'bechari' Rani, refuses to let go. This defines Rani for me. She is a fighter!

Kangana ensures your eyes stay glued to the screen the entire time. She is hardly wearing any make-up, which only makes her beauty more obvious. Rani is such a loveable character that I hope there is a sequel to this one. I couldn't get enough.

Another defining moment in the film is towards the end. Queen is at the concert with her friends, they have just reunited and they are thrilled. In the course of the song, it is time to say goodbye. They don't know if they'll ever see each other again. And then Rani is suddenly alone again. What will she do now? And then she smiles and gets back to enjoying the concert. In the background, the song's lyrics say, 'Kinara tu he hai'. I'm sorry if I've given too much of it away!

The story is as much about the friends she makes. The 'loose' hotel waitress Vijaylakshmi, whom Rani befriends and who opens Rani's heart and mind to the so many other ways of being a woman. That reminded me that a woman can be the best companion to a woman - in a way no man can. And the three adorable boys Rani meets in Amsterdam. Okay, I'm not saying anything else. My lips are zipped.

Queen is a journey that every woman must take. I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Is it really that easy?

All we have to do is be open and fearless and let the universe transform us, guide us.

Thank you, Queen! For reminding me :)


Anonymous said...

Good review!
Can a man benefit from watching the movie?

natasha puri said...

Yes, it can be a great learning experience for men!

karan sood said...

its not abt the learning for a man or a woman (we surely do nonetheless) its the flawless build up and execution to a tight slap on the social construct of the indian society. loved the acting - absolutely flawless and the refreshing storytelling and the tragedy of the mindset that Majority of India is still stuck in! brilliant! Truly queen!

natasha puri said...

Thanks, @Karan Sood. I'm just happy you read my blog :D

natasha puri said...
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