Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zenyasi & I


Dear Goondu, Independence is the best Gift of Love. Think.

Love Mitrananda.

I have been fortunate. Blessed perhaps. Zenyasi, as most know him, has been more than a teacher to me. A parent, a Guru, a friend, philosopher and guide. I have felt his presence in my life constantly and have grown up, holding his hand. With such love he has raised me, it is rare that one experiences such love in one’s lifetime.

The love of a Guru is purer than even that of a parent. Who could have imagined, and so I say not many experience such love, love in its completeness. With absolute selflessness he takes you under his care, helps you grow. Sometimes with the help of a stick he disciplines you, forces you to look within, to introspect, to transform, to reflect. At other times he looks at you with overwhelming affection and love, or holds your hand, or gives the warmest hug.

Like the Eagle that pushes its eaglets so that they may fly, fly high, the Guru, pushes the child so that he may truly soar the skies of freedom.

That which ties us down, can that be love at all?

My salutations to the one, who taught me to be dependent on no one.

My love to the one, who loves me the most.

My gratitude to the one, who makes me think.

To my Zenyasi.

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