Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To Whomsoever It May Concern

If you are reading this, I am probably writing this for you. 
There are a whole lot of things I want to say. Mostly questions I want to pose to you. Simple questions, that even a mind as great as mine cannot find answers to. 
Questions like while I write this post, why must my mother ask me redundant things and sit beside me hoping to start a conversation about my career. I mean, why now?
Tell me, is "modern" thought regressive?
Or is religion, a utilitarian notion?
Are human inconsistencies crap? (Howard Roark said so.)
Is moving on just something that happens, or are matters concerning emotions something that can be deliberated on?
Am I just lazy when I say I'm waiting to figure out my calling?
Is the irony of life that everyday that you live, you are a day closer to death?
Do we need each other?
If yes, then what is your purpose in my life?
If no, then why do you exist at all?
Every moment that passes, is a moment lost, or a moment gained?
When did you take charge of my life?
What is the difference between survival and living?
What is the greater purpose of my existence?
Will the human species also become extinct someday? (I hope soon.)
Am I anti-social? Am I anti-you?
Is Self-obsession, the best obsession?
Is silence over-rated?
Are you a threat to me?
Are emotions over-rated?
Why is positive, positive and negative, not so nice?
What do I want to do with my time here?
Who are these people who make me feel these things?
Are thoughts superior to emotions?
Why do people cry at the feet of their Lords?
How does "surrender" to something "greater" give me "strength"?
Then, does "helplessness" become a cause for "strength"?
Does the mind prescribe to the order in nature?
How free, is freedom?
Who decides my limitations?
How much can one (wo)man do to change the world?
Is the purpose of human existence:
a) the creation of a system
b) sustaining an already created order
c) creating disorder

Feel free to comment. Or ask questions. But do not expect any answers. 
To Whomsoever It May Concern


lavida said...

I had to comment on this because I ve a similar list of irksome questions on my blog so could not help smiling when I saw this.

Nimmy said...

Is human existence to a)create order b)sustain order c)create disorder.....

Wow.....that makes me THINK really hard! Not that I am going to ever find the answer....but....what a question! Think on...Ask on....