Friday, April 11, 2008

The Monkey on my Shoulder

A lovely looking boy
Sat alone and cried
With his head in his lap
And a nose running wild
The boy wept and sighed

I was walking on by
When he pulled my hair
Tugged at my shirt
Yelled into my ear
I must stop here,
Ordered that monkey on my shoulder.

Well, I gave it a try
I asked the sulking boy
About the tears in his eye
Sit for a while
Said that monkey on my shoulder.

I quietened him down,
Threw my monkey around
Bought him a candy or two
He looked just as blue
And so did that monkey on my shoulder.

He got off my shoulder
And walked away
The disgruntled monkey had nothing to say
And as I sat in sheer dismay
I heard the boy laugh
While he played,
With a monkey on his shoulder.

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eesha singh said...

ever considered taking up writing as a profession?