Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy Please

Daddy, can we go out today
Will you show me the world,
Through your eyes once again?
Daddy, I’ve missed you all along
I can’t bear to be with you
But I couldn’t bear it when you were gone

I don’t know if I loved you
I don’t know what it means
But it hurt me so much that
You never really missed me

But now that you are here
Lets not waste more time
Take me to the circus, to the zoo, on the plane, lets fly
Lets dance our little dances
Lets jump, hop and shine
Lets do this quickly daddy
We don’t have much time.

And finally when i awake
I'll pray you stick around
Long enough to see
My tiny feet, leave the ground.


Clueless said...

Its heartening, to say the least.
God bless you Nutsy, you're a gem in your own big way!

Neha Puri said...

Daddy is watching us everyday :) Otherwise "main hoon na"!!